Filato Fiorentino

Get a Filato Fiorentino sweater online or join us at one of the local fairs in Italy to feel the softness of our sweaters. Check the events scheduled in the calendar and discover where you can find us right now.

Filato Fiorentino knitwear is the result of the experience of an activity carried out for almost 40 years. The company from which the Filato Fiorentino garments are born is in fact present on the Tuscan territory since 1978 and has always offered sweaters for men and women, composed of yarns directly produced in Tuscany.
Filato Fiorentino therefore means “Made in Italy”, inspired and enriched by the beauty of the Tuscan territory. Tuscany has always been full of natural beauty, and the Tuscan hills have been for centuries the cradle of Italian excellence in art and craftsmanship. Inspired by this wonderful territory, we have tried to make ourselves worthy heirs of such an important tradition. The result is a knitwear line with a classic and elegant cut, made from first choice materials.

Filato sweaters

Filato Fiorentino knitwear is the result of our great attention in the selection of high quality materials. The strengths of our garments are simplicity, versatility and softness. We love to dress all sizes and you will surely find the one that suits you.
On our website you will also find many useful tips to correctly match the Filato Fiorentino garments and wear them on the right occasions.

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